My fee per 50 minute session is $115

I do not bill insurance.  I accept cash, check, credit card and most Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.

Even though I don’t bill insurance, you may receive partial reimbursement for our sessions based on your insurance plan’s out of network benefits. I can provide you with a document that you can submit to your insurance to receive reimbursement based on your out of network benefits.

Many clients choose not to involve insurance companies in their mental health care. Therefore, their counseling is not limited by the diagnosis, treatment plan, or session limits that insurance companies dictate. Insurance companies often limit the number of sessions and even the type of therapy. Many insurance companies do not cover marriage/relational or family therapy.

Payment is due at the beginning of each session. We will take a few minutes at the beginning of each session to process payment and print a receipt.  If you would like to submit to your insurance for out of network coverage, let me know and I can print the appropriate form.